TG Construction, Inc. prides itself in making sustainable building a reality.  We have built five LEED Platinum projects and two LEED Gold projects.  TG was the first construction company in the United States to successfully complete a LEED Platinum project, and we then went on to build the next two!   We have specific knowledge of what detail is required to construct LEED projects accurately and understand the importance of our client’s need to rely on us to manage it precisely as directed.

TG has a full understanding of LEED requirements and the strategies to achieve them.   We have thoroughly reviewed and are very familiar with working with the Rating System. We understand the process in tracking and fulfilling the Rating Levels, Categories, Credits, Prerequisites, Points, and Checklists. TG embraces and successfully manages the administrative, creative, and quality control aspects of constructing and certifying that the projects are rated at the highest level possible.