Neverland Pool - Disneyland Hotel
Themed after Peter Pan, this area includes a large tropical pool with a winding tropical shoreline, Mermaid Lagoon Spa, Skull Rock and 110-foot-long waterslide that meanders through five mountain peaks. Themed elements also included the trail through Misty Mountains and a suspension bridge over the lush landscaping. We transplanted over 80 large specimen trees, created winding rails, fencing and walkways. Cost: $4 Million, Schedule: 2 Months, Completed: 1999

Disneyland Autopia
This 5-acre project included the complete redesign and renovation of Tomorrowland’s Autopia Attraction. The site work was incredibly extensive and two new concrete and steel structures were also constructed. Themed elements include a simulated dirt track giving the rider a sensation of off-road driving. There is hand-carved plaster to resemble limestone blocks, stone pedestals, columns, artificial rockwork, water features, textured pathways, splashing special effects, fabrication of a new art deco pedestrian bridge and hand-carved stone pedestals and columns. Cost: $9.7 Million, Complete 2000

Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Two-package project consisting of a demolition package and an area development/tenant improvement package. The demolition portion of the first package included removing the existing theater and building a concrete ride track with a level steel joist floor adjacent to the track. The second package area development work involved stamped and stained concrete, themed plaster rockwork, themed handrails and shotcrete themed walls. The interior tenant improvement involved building the show set walls, theater sound insulation, ride track rails, rigging for show lights and extensive HVAC and electrical finishes. Cost: $8.4 Million, Complete: December 2002