After experiencing a fire in Building #2, the property’s Construction Manager [CM] reached out to TG Construction for an expedited renovation of the affected eight (8) guest rooms. We interfaced directly with the CM, the Architect, the Insurance Company, and the end user to navigate not only the repairs, but also Building Code mandated upgrades, and changes to meet the current Marriott standards. Structurally, the 2-story wood framed building required new roof trusses and framed walls on the second floor. The building’s entire HVAC and electrical systems were upgraded, and as much of the plumbing was preserved and re-used as possible. All interior finishes were new.

We dealt directly with the Building Inspectors to work out what elements needed to be modified versus what could remain and be incorporated into the renovation. Likewise, we took part in the discussions with the Insurance company about matters of cost, and helped to mediate with the end user on the extents of the Project’s scope.

TG Construction completed the Project by the Owner’s end date, which enabled these units to become rentable again and minimized their revenue impact.