The Irvine Company
1221 Ocean Avenue
Santa Monica, CA

Cost: $4.5 million
Completed: 2008

This $4.5 million project includes renovation and upgrades in all common areas of this 17 story luxury apartment building, including the Entrance Lobby, rooftop Patios and Pool, Leasing Offices, Elevators, Management Offices, Interior and Exterior Signage, and rooftop Ocean Club. The project was completed in several phases allowing for minimal disruption to the residents. A 60 foot long State of the Art Infinity Pool replaced an existing pool on the roof. It is built using a series of Stainless Steel panels mounted on rails attached to vibration isolators with sound insulation to completely isolate the pool from the building structure, ensuring no sound transmission to the residents below. The panels and pool bottom were then covered with a heat welded vinyl, providing a seamless, water tight enclosure. Work was coordinated to minimize the impact on residents living below.