Whittier College
Hoover Hall Renovation
Whittier, CA

Cost: $1.5 million (GMAX contract)  
Completed: August 2009
Duration: 11 weeks

Renovation of Hoover Hall, a 20,000SF three-story building with a basement consisting of an auditorium, classrooms, and offices. The structure was built in 1948 in honor of President Herbert Hoover’s wife, Lou Henry Hoover who attended Whittier College. TG Construction started two weeks after Summer vacation began and finished one week before school opened for regular session, providing enough time for furniture and personnel to move-in. Renovation includes abatement, demolition, structural modifications, ADA compliance, interior and exterior modernization, Fire Life Safety, new central plant and HVAC systems, electrical upgrade and new ceilings and lighting for energy saving purposes, and low voltage data system.