ATO B31 Storage Upgrade Project
Thousand Oaks, CA

Cost: 3.7 Million
Completed: 2006

General construction services in support of upgrading the ATO B31 storage facility. This is a facility regulated by FDA's Good Management Practice (GMP) rules. The upgrade involves tripling the H-rated storage area (from approximately 3,000 to over 10,000 square feet), providing separate storage rooms for different classes of materials and adding a sampling and dispensing facility. In addition, the upgrade also includes equipping the new H-Room with a dedicated, high throughput ventilation system. We provide input to the facility design on issues related to constructability and construction management. Prepare detailed cost estimates and a CPM schedules for the work. The estimate will be used in establishing baseline for project progress tracking. We are required track the project by physical progress, cost and schedule monthly. We provide preconstruction services, such as ordering long lead items, securing execution contracts and ensuring timely start of the construction. We also provide construction management, including, site organization and site construction facilities, work logistics, health and safety oversight, etc. All activity in this building is conducted in a fashion that minimizes the risks of interrupting or impacting operation of the facility or jeopardizing its compliance status.