Northrop Grumman
Laminar Flow Paint Application Facilities
El Segundo, California

923 Spray Booth 7
Cost: 5.3 Million
Completed: 1998

Construction services for Paint Booth #7 within the Building 923 facility complex in El Segundo. The new booth has a maximum operating temperature of 100° (F) at 62.5 feet per minute during the Curing Cycle, and a minimum of 35% humidity is maintained during the Surface Prep, Painting Cycles. Critical design considerations include controlled temperature, humidity and air velocity requirements that must be set to accommodate each operation. An air filtration system implemented in three stages, and includes the installation of HEPA filters in the final stage. Exhaust air meets AQMD requirements complies with strict Southern California environmental regulations. The spray booth accommodates the flow of compressed air, breathable air, steam and high-pressure hot-water systems. Booth monitoring and controlling devices were installed to interface with the general building control and energy management system. Safety features include an audible/visual alarm system that will alert the user in the event of an airflow or static pressure imbalance. This project was so successful that Northrop repeated the same design concept for booths #8 and #9.

923 Spray Booth 8
Cost: $2.9 Million
Completed: 2000

Design/build structural steel spraybooth building. Expedited schedule to complete in 8 weeks. The project also included construction of a new paint mixing room, and a new compressed air system. The breathing air system included controls and alarms to all 8 spraybooths in the building.

923 Spray Booth 9
Cost: $2 Million
Completed: 2002

Construction of a new aircraft spraybooth. New structural steel building with an extensive makeup air and exhaust air system for meeting all AQMD specifications. The air system involves complex controls of monitoring and alarming to meet all the safety and air quality issues in the booth. Booth used explosion proof construction and devices throughout.