Building S50- 3 Floor Remodel and T.I.
El Segundo, California

Cost: $3.4 Million
Completed: 2002

Complete tenant improvement where all existing office, conference rooms, copier rooms, etc. are removed. A new layout is designed to provide maximum density in the 175 SF per person range. There are new hardwall offices around the perimeter of the building that are approximately 150 SF in size. Most of the remaining area is systems furniture that are approximately 64 SF in size. There are six conference rooms, four copier rooms, and two kitchens. The existing restrooms are remodeled and augmented sac required by code. The existing third floor has fire sprinkler coverage added as part of this project. All new finishes, ceilings, HVAC distributions systems, lighting, and power systems are added. VERY aggressive schedule to occupy the space.